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Your perfect cake

November 3, 2015



I hope everyone read my last blog post about my thoughts on Pinterest Fails.  The one hardest part about making a cake is getting it to look like a professionally done cake like on Pinterest.  The one topic I want to dig further into is the idea of a Perfect flawless cake.


In my last post I talked about how most cakes on Pinterest are going to be made out of Styrofoam to get the perfect shape and edges.  I have used the Styrofoam technique before to make large cakes without having to actually make a large cake.  This ensures there is not a lot of cake wasted and it offers a simple way to get the flawless look once you add the fondant on.


The second option is ganache.  Most cakes are made with buttercream icing and fondant.  You can still use buttercream within the cake layers but instead of using buttercream then fondant on the outside of a cake, use ganache and fondant.  Ganache is a simple yet time consuming recipe.  It consists of only heavy cream and chocolate but it does need to cool for a couple hours in the fridge or overnight on the counter.  This will make it have a consistency like peanut butter.  Then you begin adding it to your layered cake.  


Your first layer will be your crumb coat.  You do this with buttercream so it will be the same with ganache.  Simply, a layer to keep the crumbs coated in.  Then, put your cake in the fridge for the ganache to harden.  Repeat the step with another layer of ganache and fridge.  Continue this until you receive the desired look.  You can use your icing spatula as well as a ruler to get a flat design.  


After your last layer and fridge cycle, use a heated up kitchen knife to smooth out the ganache one final time.  Now you are ready to finish your cake.  You can add the fondant directly onto the ganache and smooth out like normal or add small layer of buttercream on your ganache for the fondant to stick better.  


Voila, your perfect cake is ready.  


Happy Caking.



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