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Pinterest Fails

September 14, 2015


Pinterest has some of the best ideas for cake decorating.  A lof of my creations have came from exploring ideas on Pinterest. But as we all know, a lot can go wrong from Pinterest.  Here are my top 3 things I have learnt from Pinterest during my 'Pinterest Fails':


1. Pinterest cakes are Photoshopped


This should be a big surprise to anyone.  Everything is photoshopped in today’s media.  So when you see a Pinterest cake that has flawless shapes, they are photoshopped.  It is nearly impossible to get a perfect fondant covered cake with perfect flowers or designs.  They are also using perfect shaped lights to create any sort of shine and brightness in certain areas.



2. Pinterest cakes are fake


Most of the cakes on Pinterest are FAKE. This means they are using perfect cake shaped Styrofoam. By using Styrofoam, they are able to achieve a flawlessly held together cake.  It is very difficult to shape the edges of a cake to form a perfect edge like they do on Pinterest cakes. 



3. Pinterest cakes are not edible


This is probably the biggest surprise on this list of Pinterest fails.  Most of the cakes you see on Pinterest are not edible.  This is due to using Styrofoam for the shape like I mentioned above but also the designs on the cake.  Most are using real flowers or plastic attachments. A lot of the times, they will also use inedible textures onto the cake, like sequence. They can achieve the colors needed by using inedible products for a cheap price.




I will NOT show you any of my Pinterest fails but remember that they will happen, and I have had a lot. Nobody is perfect and sometimes that means that the cake is not going to come out perfect. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying new things.  The more you learn, the more you know.


Happy Caking!



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