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Saving the Top Tier of your Wedding Cake

January 8, 2019


So you clicked here to find out how to preserve your top tier of your wedding cake.  The most simple recommendation is, DON'T! Instead, I recommend you get a cute cake or cupcakes on your one year anniversary. You could even get your baker to recreate your top tier if you wanted the same flavour and design. The reality is, after a year your cake will not taste the same as it did on your wedding day. But if you feel like you must save your top tier, here are a couple things to consider and steps to take to get the best result.


Discuss flavours with your baker

Certain flavours and fillers just won't preserve well. Discuss this with your baker and choose a cake and filler that is not too complicated.  Rumour has it that oil based and dense cakes are the better option as they don't dry out as fast. Also, stay away from fruit fillers and stick with a simple moist buttercream inside. 



Pre-plan what you will be taking your tier and any left over cake home in. Find an airtight container that is not much larger than your tier. This will help keep air during the year of preservation. Also, communicate your plans to your wedding planner or family and friends that will be cleaning up at the end of the night. Let them know your intentions so the tier is not thrown out but kept separate for preservation the next day. Lastly, if you have a lot of decorations, pre-plan with your baker to have extra buttercream which will be used in the next step.


Remove all decorations and ensure the cake is fully covered in icing 

This is a very important step to ensure you can wrap your cake later.  Remove all decorations, flowers and any cardboard/platforms that were holding the tier up. After removing these, the cake might be exposed and not fully covered in buttercream and/or fondant. It is best to have the cake fully covered in icing so this is where your extra buttercream from your baker comes into play. Cover any exposed cake areas with the buttercream and ensure all areas are covered as best as possible.


Chill your exposed cake 

The first step of your top tier preservation is to chill your exposed cake tier. Pop it in the fridge till everything hardens. Buttercream is very soft so once it has hardened, you are ready to wrap.  If your cake is covered on fondant, it might need a bit more time since there are 2 layers (fondant and buttercream) to chill. This step locks in the moisture. 


Time to wrap your cake

Wrap your cake, really well. Use saran wrap and ensure every inch is covered. Press the wrap into the icing to remove any trapped air under the wrap. Than, wrap it again. The more saran wrap, the better. If you do not wrap it well, you could have a dry yet soggy cake in a year. I have also heard that adding a layer or two of foil is not a terrible idea as it can help keep anything else in the freezer away from the cake. Last, add it to your air tight container.


Wait a year...…


A year later

You waited a year and now you want to eat your top tier. Take the cake out of the freezer and move it to your fridge overnight. Unwrap your cake and leave it on the counter to fully warm. This usually takes a couple hours. 




Remember, your cake will not taste as good as it did on your wedding day. Chances are, the cake will be a bit dry yet soggy where the icing touches.  Give it a go and let me know how it tasted!


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